Seed drill Solitair 25

Customer: Lemken GmbH & Co. KG
Year: 2013
Market entry: 2015
Award: Machine of the year 2016

Product description:

The Solitair 25 pneumatic drill sows various grain types and can be combined with different soil tillage implements. Technical innovations include a precisely adjustable working depth and an automatic calibration, eliminating the need for calibration tests.

The Solitair`s design language makes it an unmistakable member of LEMKEN`s new design language which was established with our input. While underlining the drill`s innovative character, its design also ensures a superb rigidity. The plastic tank with a volume of more than 3000 litres uses an almost invisible chassis. Thanks to the design and choice of materials, we were able to reduce production costs and overall weight. In addition to the machine`s surfacing, the design process also took into consideration the production-oriented construction of relevant parts.