About us

Budde Industrie Design is a design consultancy based in Münster, Germany.
Our team consists of numerous creative people with backgrounds ranging from creative designers to engineers and model makers, 3d-artists and project coordinators. The expertise of our highly-trained employees is constantly enriched by further education, visits of trade shows, specialist literature and new challenges.

We are specialized in the design and optimization of industrial goods and consumer products, always keeping in mind the individual needs of each customer and market.

An intense communication between engineering, marketing and design, creates a deep understanding of you requests and your product. Together we follow a common goal: creating a successful product and brand image.

Main areas of our work are:

  • The design of technically complex products from the area of consumer and investment goods, including HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • Operator´s ergonomics.
  • Design and engineering of plastic parts of any size.
  • Translating 3D-Data into design models, prototypes and pre-production parts.
  • Visualizing your products with highest attention to detail for early presentations and promotion.