A physical prototyp makes your product tactile and sharpens the perception of layout and package.

The computer shortens the development process significantly. Despite the many possibilities of VR it cannot replace a physical prototyp/model. Our prototyping department is an independent division of Budde Industrie Design.

Further project examples can be found here.

Within our daylight-flooded studio space of 800 sq. m, we create prototypes of any size, ranging from small models for quick ergonomic testing, to large, fully accessible models for board presentations. Dimensions of our work differ, from a door key up to combine harvester. The services of our modelling department reflect the needs of each customer and project.

Being able to hold one`s visions and ideas in the own hands, really experiencing the dimensions and surfacing of a product is a wonderful experience. Nowadays, prototypes differ in size, materials and detailing. Numerous rapid-prototyping techniques guarantee a precision which meets your expectations. During the development stage, prototypes can answer many different questions. Usability, ergonomics and aesthetics can be verified using prototypes. Results are used to further optimize the product before the start of production. Final tooling changes can be avoided, resulting in a streamlined development process. A model with realistically finished surfaces helps understanding the design shapes while highlighting areas which can be improved. Prototypes can be a strong advantage during a final presentation and for marketing. They provide a physical experience during fairs, creating customers before the product is launched.

Another area of our work is the creation of small production runs using vacuum forming. This process is especially suitable for limited production numbers between 5 and 200 units. Smaller tooling expenses reflect the limited production. Our deep and long-lasting knowledge of the various prototyping possibilities makes us a reliable partner at this stage. It`s the basis for an end result which is high-level in terms of surfacing, finish, colour and trim. Our combination of design and prototyping meets the development goals in an efficient way, making us a truly service-oriented supplier. You have questions concerning our prototyping department? Please feel free to contact us here.