2019Generation change – Handover of the management board from Paul Budde to his daughters, Maike Budde and Lia Budde
201840 years of Budde Industrie Design
2014Anniversary celebration 36 years of Budde Industrie Design with the topic ” freedom”
201335 years of Budde Industrie Design
2011Integration of product visualization into our services
2005Two additional 3D-CAD workstations, 15 employees
2004New communications and security technology is implemented into our network
2001Expansion of 3 3D-CAD workspaces to 6
1998Buyout of the shares of H. Piltz Company name changes to Budde Industrie Design GmbH
1996Relocation to a loft in Münster (2400 sq.m) with a big, central studio
1995Purchase of the first 3D-CAD system for high-end freeform surfacing
1993Staff grows to 12 employees, renaming to Studio Budde und Piltz GmbH
1992Introduction of rapid prototyping with an HEK vacuum casting implement
1986Relocation of the modelling department from the cellar rooms to a studio of 200 sq.m
1985Acquisition of office space in Nottuln (Münster area)
1980Cooperation with Henrich Piltz, Studio Budde und Piltz GbR
1978Budde Industrie Design founded by Paul Budde
1977Concept study, communication unit for police cars
1976Design of a tractor cabin for IHC / Case
1973First successful student project by Paul Budde, desk lamp for Hillebrand