Front tank Solitair 23

Customer: Lemken GmbH & Co. KG
Year: 2015
Market entry: 2015

Product description:

The Solitair 23 front tank is an addition to seed drills. One application example is the transport of fertilisers. The fertiliser is directed towards the drill below the tractor. From the drill it is distributed directly into the soil.

The tank`s smooth design provides the tractor`s operator with an excellent field of vision. The seamless integration of all technical attachments gives the machine a compact appearance. Due to functional requirements, the 2000-litre tank uses a pressurized depletion. A large tank opening ensures a hassle-free filling process.

We created the Solitair´s design surfaces which make it an unmistakable member of the LEMKEN family. In addition, we created a physical prototype out of GFK-laminates for durability and functional tests and provided LEMKEN with photo-realistic imagery created from 3D-data. Our renderings were used for the first product brochures.