Transportation Design

What is Transportation Design?

Transportation design is the design of vehicles. So far, we have worked on vehicles for the field of logistics, the construction industry and the agricultural sector. They can be self-propelled, trailers or mounted to another vehicle. Compared to automotive OEMs, yearly production numbers of these special vehicles are smaller.


Power, dynamics and trends – intelligent Transportation Design

A product`s looks are very important for its performance in the market. While this is very true for consumer goods, it is even more essential for vehicles. Transportation design combines the capability and the aesthetics of utility vehicles, highlighting power and dynamics. Transportation Design considers current trends while staying relevant for a long time. This is a highly creative task. Required payloads and technical features are more important than sporty lines. A dynamic image can also be created through clever application of sheet metal parts. Utility vehicles are highly complex machines, making it essential to implement design from the very beginning of the production process.


Our focus

Since the founding of Budde Industrie Design we do Transportation Design. The agricultural sector has always been an important focus for us. We are responsible for the design of various tractors of any shape and size, combine harvesters, self-propelled choppers, transport vehicles, silage trailers and lift trucks. For logistical purposes, we have designed tractor trucks with a unique turning radius with an attached trailer. In addition, our portfolio consists of road mills, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers and mining vehicles.


Sophisticated demands for Design

For all commercial vehicles, the design of an ergonomically flawless operator`s place with an excellent usability is a must. The driver`s field of vision, accessibility of the driver`s seat and ergonomics of the vehicle controls influence the overall design. Comfort expectations have risen, resulting in an automotive-like interior finish for utilitarian vehicles, in spite of the smaller production numbers.

With Budde Industrie Design, you choose a design consultancy which strives not only for high aesthetics, but also for technical finesse. Convince yourself and contact us today.