Cold milling machine W 50 RI / W 60 RI

Customer: Wirtgen GmbH
Year: 2013
Market entry: 2014

Product description:

Wirtgen`s W 50 Ri / 60 Ri is a series of cold milling machines. Due to their compact dimensions, the machines are extremely agile. Together with the narrow bonnet, an off-centre operator`s platform on the machine`s right side guarantees an unobstructed view of the milling edge.

The steering platform was designed with optimized ergonomics in mind, considerably increasing operator comfort. Controls are highly intuitive. For instance, the machine can be steered precisely by means of a fingertip-control incorporated into the armrest. Improved ergonomics enable the operator to get the job done faster. The machine`s striking design reflects its sophisticated technology and quality. With its zero-compromise aesthetics, Wirtgen`s new generation of cold milling machines are the fastest of their class, setting new standards in terms of power and agility.