Product Design

What is Product Design?

In essence, product design and industrial design are the same for us. As the name suggests, product design deals with the design of products.


The Product Designer

The designer’s profession is taught at art schools, universities and technical colleges. Normally, it takes 8 semesters to obtain a degree. The duration of the studies reflects the profession’s consistency: while it’s trendy to be a designer, a legitimate, holistic product with long-lasting success in the market is the result of a well-thought-out strategy. Good design needs to appeal-not only in an emotional sense.


An integrated approach to planning and design – Budde Industrie Design

Usability must meet or, if possible, surpass user expectations. Ergonomics, surface feel and the product’s styling work together. Some or all of these aspects determine the product’s workmanship and, finally, its success.


Product design is an integral component of the development process, leading to a strong

impact in the market and helping a brand to claim its territory. Today, many products differ only slightly in quality and function. Thanks to globalization, they are exposed to an ongoing and fierce competition. In this case, the consumer’s emotions play an important role during the purchase.


Form and Function through collaborative Design

Budde Industrie Design has been designing successful products for 35 years. A distinctive feature of our work is that we don’t see design as a solitary unit. For us, it is a factor deeply linked with all other requirements which a product needs to meet. A sophisticated unity of form and function is our journey and destination. Good product design is the result of an intense collaboration between developers, product planners and designers, equally striving for the best result. A beautiful concept is no serial product yet. Our design process is supported by ergonomic studies. From the first idea until market launch- you and your product are always accompanied by our philosophy.