Budde Industrie Design

In today’s open economy, industrial design is becoming an increasingly important factor to, helping companies to stand their ground in the market.

The team of Budde Industrie Design designs and optimizes industrial goods and consumer products. We also creates physical models.

During the last 46 years we have successfully brought more than a thousand products to market.

Please inform yourself about our creativity and our achievements. We are happy to spark your interest and look forward to a successful collaboration.

Industrial Design is not limited to the product itself. The industrial manufacturing process is of equal importance. Keeping this in mind, it is possible to create a product with an intelligent manufacturing strategy, saving time and resources during production. The product’s shape, surfacing and its capabilities must reflect the tasks for which it was designed.

Good product design creates a competitive edge in the market. It emits a positive, brand-strengthening image which will be acknowledged by the end-user. This can be reflected in the products aesthetical appearance, as well as quality and finish, usability and effectiveness.

Nowadays, good design is one of the most significant attributes of a successful product. Nothing attracts attention like a strong design combining good usability and quality.

The French-American industrial designer Raymond Loewy (1893-1986) said in the early 1930’s:

“Industrial design keeps the customer happy, his client in the black and the designer busy.”
Loewy’s statement is still relevant today, strengthening the position of companies who recognize the value of design.

Our long-lasting experience helps us in finding a good solution for the design of your product, the selection of appropriate materials and manufacturing. Our creativity is strengthened by our state-of-the-art software and hardware. In order to meet different requirements, we are able to create detailed imagery of your product at any development stage. We ensure that engineering meets production requirements. With the help of our 3D-Prototyping and modelling specialists, your product is brought to life before production.

It is with pride that we look back on intense collaborations with our customers, lasting as long as 35 years. We take every new product as a challenge. Our thought process is reflected in a unique design language.

Are you interested in our competent design services? Don’t hesitate to contact us!